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        We value our patients' experience at Bowhay Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to write a testimonial of your own.  We appreciate your feedback.   

 1.        I had been having pain in my back wrapping around my side for 13 years. I had been to 4 different chiropractors and been treated with about the same adjustments with very little or no relief. I had seen several medical doctors and they just gave me muscle relaxers and pain pills. I then went to a specialist and had a nerve test done and they told me it was just a pulled muscle.  I decided to go to Bowhay Chiropractic, knowing he was just out of school,  hoping he knew something new. He started out adjusting me similar as others. He asked lots of questions to try to help. I gave up after a couple weeks figuring I was just going to hurt the rest of my life. He called me a week later and told me he had a new idea for treatment but I had to commit to the plan. I agreed, within 2 weeks I was completely pain free and wasn't taking any medicine!  Thank you Jace.


 2.       When I came in to see Jace I was very stiff in my hands, arms, shoulders and neck.  I couldn't even write because my hands hurt so bad.  My knee had always bothered me but with the back pain it made my knee pain even worse, I also had numbness and tingling in my legs and feet, I got to the point I could not stand at all because my knee was so painful and weak.  With the numbness in my feet I couldn't walk,  I was so unstable that when I would try to walk without help I would fall.  I had to use a walker to move around the house or go anywhere.  My back and neck were killing me.  I just hurt all over. 

        The first couple of treatments made me pretty sore but once the soreness went away following the adjustments I started to feel better.  After the first few visits I had no pain during the treatments.  My symptoms steadily got better and better.  After only a month of treatment with Jace I could walk with only the help of a cain when I left the house, and could move around the house with only a brace on my knee.  Now I have no soreness in my arms or legs anymore. I have no back or neck pain anymore either.  I could not sleep due to the pain at the start of treatment and now I have no trouble sleeping through the night.  Everyone around me can see how I have improved and how my life has been changed.  I thought chiropractic was "quackery" for a long time and then I went to the clinic and I was told to try chiropractic and I am so glad I did.  I have learned a lot about what chiropractic is capable of.  When I first started I didn't think the treatments would help, but after getting treated by Jace and how great I feel I have changed my mind completely. I would definitely recommend Jace to help any of my family or friends.  Thank you Jace.  

          -Dan P

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