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Auto Accidents and Whiplash

        Many car accidents result in severe injuries, and we hope that those never happen to anyone, especially those that are closest to us.  But it is almost impossible to go your entire life without getting into a "Fender Bender".  These accidents may seem insignificant at the time but even impacts at very low speeds can cause significant tissue damage.  
         The most common condition from auto accidents is Whiplash.   Whiplash is when the head and neck snap backwards into extension upon impact and then snap back forward into flexion on the recoil, or vise-versa. This can cause neck pain and headaches and more severe problems in the long run such as degenerative joint disease or arthritis.  That is where we come in.  Whiplash is a very commonly treated issue by chiropractors.  At Bowhay Chiropractic we have a variety of cervical (neck) adjusting techniques for any level of pain or patient preference. We will also check the entire spine for any other form of disfunction or pain at no additional cost. So if you or someone you know has been in an auto accident and is suffering from neck or back pain as a result, please feel free to reach out to Bowhay Chiropractic.  

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