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Maintenance Care

       Maintenance care is a very important part of the healing process.  Maintenance care is when a patient returns for regular adjustments following corrective care.  Maintenance treatment keeps your joints functioning long term so that after your pain is relieved you can continue to live pain FREE!    Maintenance care also helps patients to slow or stop the progression or development of arthritis, helps improve posture, and increases overall quality of life.  

The long term goal at Bowhay Chiropractic is to keep you out of the nursing home. Now that may seem a long way off for several of you reading this, but look at it this way.  1 to 2 times per month is my most common maintenance care plan.  1 time per month would cost you $420 dollars per year, 2 times per month would cost $840 per year.  Which you may be thinking is a lot of money and it is significant, but consider the cost of the nursing home.  One month of nursing home care on average costs between 6,000 and 10,000 per month, let me say that again, 6 to 10 THOUSAND dollars per month! 
Lets do some math.

         That means that if you started maintenance care here when you were 10 years old and came in 1 time per month until you were 80 years old (that is 70 years of chiropractic) your total cost would be $29,400 ($58,800 for 2X per month).  So if maintenance care kept you out of the nursing home for only 6 extra months (savings of 36,000 - 60,000), then the chiropractic care for your entire life would be paid for. Now imagine Maintenance care kept you out for 5 extra years, after your chiropractic is already paid for, you still would have saved between $325,000 and $568,000 overall.  That is a half a million dollars in savings.  Imagine how much you can spoil your grandchildren with that! 

Now lets forget about the math. 

        That does not factor in the higher quality of life throughout
those years, especially the later years.  Time with children, grandchildren, family members, vacations and more. And you can't put a price tag on memories or quality of life.
        All that being said, Maintenance care is 100% up to the patient.  There is no pressure to go onto a maintenance care plan but many patients do because of all the benefits and potential savings in the long run.  

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