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Meet the Doctor

         Dr. Jace Bowhay is a Chiropractor serving Gage

County and the surrounding area. Jace was born and

raised on a farm just south of  Beatrice.  He loves his

hometown and always planned on returning home after

college.  He always knew he wanted to help people but

after an injury to his back the summer following his senior

year of High School he knew chiropractic was the way he

could return and serve his hometown. He was working in

the barn on his family farm building a shelf, and while he

was drilling a hole he felt a "pop" in his back between his

shoulder blades. The pain was instant and excruciating,

and he was unable to move his right arm without pain.  He ended up going to a chiropractor and after treatment he was back at 100% and from that moment on he knew he had found his calling. 

        He went on to play football and rodeo at Hastings College and in only 3 years finished his studies there and went on to chiropractic school at Cleveland University in Kansas City.  After 4 exciting years in KC he decided to move back home and open a chiropractic clinic in Beatrice in order to serve the town he grew up in.  

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